How do I activate the SpyLock protection?

Click on the ON/OFF switch at the top of the home screen in SpyLock. When ON, the switch is colored in pink, and a notification is active.

How do I add my apps for protection?

On the home screen, click on the + button subtitled "Add". A panel will open showing all the app installed on your phone.

Click on any app you want to protect. The app will them move to the upper part with all the other app currently protected.

A search function is available on the left side and you can order apps by name on the right side.

Remember to activate the protection using the ON/OFF switch to enable the protection when required.

How can I protect against an intruder trying to uninstall my apps?

The best protection is to use SpyLock as your screen lock by selecting the "Use SpyLock as screen lock" option in the settings. This will protect from an intruder getting access into your phone in the first place.

If you sometime lend your phone to friends and are worried they might install or uninstall apps without your consent, we recommend to add the following apps to your protected apps in SpyLock:

  • Settings (this will protect the App Settings menu where it is possible to uninstall apps)
  • Google Play Store (this will protect the GooglePlay Store were people can install or uninstall apps)
  • Package Installer (this will protect a direct uninstall action from the home screen)

If you protect all the packages above, your apps, including SpyLock, will require you to enter your code before they can be uninstalled.

Please let us know at if this procedure does not work on your phone.

I forgot my code, how does the recovery procedure works?

Click on the text "Forgotten code" at the bottom of the lock screen. A new window will show. Enter your recovery key and press confirm.

The app will then restart in recovery mode and ask you to set a new code.

A new recovery code will also be generated, be sure to save somewhere safe.

I forgot to save my recovery key, where can I find it?

Click on the menu icon on the top right of the home screen. Then enter the "Recovery key" menu.

You can copy/paste the key by doing a long press on it. Or click on save button on the right of the recovery key and select the app of your choice to save it. You can of course also write it down on a piece of paper.

We strongly recommend that you add a recovery email! If you forget your recovery key, we will be able to send the recovery key at your recovery email.

I forgot my recovery key, can you help me?

Yes but only if you have registered a recovery email.

Click on the text "Forgotten code" at the bottom of the lock screen. A new window will show. Press on the "Forgot your key?" text below the recovery box.

Email us the unique ID that will show to We will then send your recovery key at the recovery email you registered, but we might ask for some additional information to verify it is you.

Your unique ID can also be found at the bottom of the About page by clicking on the Menu icon then About.

I forgot how to use the SpyLock code-pad, can you help me?

A refresher is available by clicking on the question mark icon on the top-right corner of the lock screen. It will guide you through the four key principles about how to use out code-pad.

If you have the app open, or have access to another phone, a detailed tutorial is accessible from the "Show a friend" card on the home screen. Click on the card header to expand it and click on the "Tutorial" button to start it.

I want to show a friend, do you have a demo mode?


On the home screen, click on the card called "Show a Friend" and then on the blue button called "Demo".

You can type any code without limit and can show or hide the code to explain your friends.

Where can I find your company policies and terms?
I have a request for a new feature.

Please send us your feature requests at or directly from within the app by clicking on Feedback item in the menu.

We are working hard to improve SpyLock, you can see our current roadmap at

Do you have a roadmap?

Yes, it is available at

I could not find an answer to my question

Please message us directly by:

Or send your comments directly from within the app. Click on Feedback item in the menu.

We will reply promptly and update this page accordingly.